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First plant purchases of Spring


It was a lovely sunny morning today, just right for a drive to a family run plant nursery, one we visit most years.

It is South of Chichester in West Sussex and has a good variety of plants for baskets & containers, also perennials and vegetable plants. When we had our allotment we used to buy the young veg. plants from here, sadly no longer have the plot but we have planted some second-early potatoes, with plans for ‘cut and come again’ salad leaves as they were a success a couple of years ago.

We have two new ‘manger baskets’ to plant up, to go on the front walls of the house, so I was looking for plants for a sunny, South facing aspect.

Here are the glasshouses at the nursery …

Lots to choose from outdoors too …

They have a lovely selection of Fuchsias …

We bought these two …

Also bought a mix of trailing and upright plants …

and some Gaura, Petunia, chocolate black peppermint (Mentha), yellow Begonia and a tray of Geranium Violet F1 (Pelargonium) which have large violet-rose flowers with zoned foliage …

Of course there’s always a plant that somehow falls into the trolley … this is a Sorbaria sorbifolia sem (what a name!) … having read up about it when we got home it seems to be a ‘suckering’ plant … in which case it’s going to live in a pot for some time!

As well as the new manger baskets, we also have a set of three obelisks, in different heights, to find plants for! I do have a couple of Clematis, ‘Polish Spirit’ and ‘Sylvia Denny’ plus I am growing some Mina Lobata from seed so the obelisks will be covered before too long!

Hope you had a good gardening day too.

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Sorry can see your photos.

31 Mar, 2016


Guess who's going to be busy in the next few days!

You have a lovely selection there - your garden's going to be a picture.

I have a Sorberia Sem and it's stayed in its pot for the same reason - I think it's bonsai-ing itself!

31 Mar, 2016


What a lovely 'proper' nursery...great prices on thosefuchsias too! Enjoy!

31 Mar, 2016


Stera, hopefully the weather will be dry and sunny so I can get planting.

Karen, it was lovely to visit there rather than a Garden Centre and I was given a free pen too! I guess if you spend over a set amount that's what you get. Not a cheap looking one either .....

1 Apr, 2016


What a lovely place, and - as Stera says - you've chosen a lovely selection.

I have two Sorbaria sem in the front gravel bed, and in several years have only had ONE sucker, which I dug out and planted elsewhere. So don't worry too much . . . perhaps it depends on how happy the shrub is?!

1 Apr, 2016


Thanks Sheila, that's interesting about the Sorbaria. I shall keep potting it on until it has reached a decent size for planting out. Dry but chilly down here today.

1 Apr, 2016


The Sorbaria is a very vigorous plant have just got rid of mine a little to big for where it was planted it should of looked at how it grew before purchasing but we do tend to purchase with our eyes.
It does throw suckers up chop them of plant in pots and pass on to friends.

1 Apr, 2016


A lovely day out for you,Shirley,and on one of our better weather days..:o) I do like your choices,and so reasonable too..Carole gave me a Sobaria Sem last year,which I love.I've just recently potted it on,and I'm hoping to keep doing so,as it have lots to keep you occupied for a while :o)

1 Apr, 2016


What a lovely nursery. I wish it was nearer here lol
I like the name Sorbaria sorbifolia ... it's wonderful ... I enjoy knowing the Latin names, but I am mad !
You've chosen two pretty Fuchsias. You'll be very happy with them. Cecile is really beautiful, and Tom West has pretty variegated leaves :) I love Fuchsias ...

1 Apr, 2016


Peter, many thanks or that info., I shall definitely keep it in a pot!

Sandra, I have a busy day ahead of potting plants on, planting the Sweet Williams and still digging up my least favourite plant, the Grape Hyacinths! Sun shining here, M off to the footie against Burnley today.

Hywel, I agree with liking the Latin names, shame I cannot remember them half the time! Glad you like my choice of Fuchsias too :o)

2 Apr, 2016


You will enjoy that,Shirley..potting up,I mean.! My G.Hyacinths ( Muscari, to impress you ) are in flower ,and I love them,,but I know much you despise them.Strange how we all have likes and dislikes in the plant world..I don't like Azaleas :o).Hope M enjoys the footie today.xx

2 Apr, 2016


That looks like a nice haul! I always try to buy my plants from a Nursery rather than a Garden Centre as they have such huge overheads that the prices have to reflect that, also they don't try to look after the plants - it's a cash crop, buy in, sell on and if not gone - bin it!
The Nursery stock might not have the beautifully displayed (though yours looks good) overly-healthy plants, but they haven't been forced or molly-coddled so usually they are happier in a 'normal' garden than the ones that have been potted in immaculate compost, fed and forced with chemicals and kept at optimum temperatures.
As for the Sorbaria Sorbifolia, I have had one of these for a few years now and it has never been uncouth! This Spring It looks a bit leggy so I have cut it down to some new shoots and in the past it has always come back happily. It's very pretty and a lovely foil for more showy plants. While cutting back I did notice that there is one piece which has rooted or crept, so I will be replanting this elsewhere. Ours is on clay, so whether this inhibits the growth at all I don't know.
I also have some obelisks and your idea of Mina Lobata sounds a good one.
I agree with Bloomer about the Muscari, I used to despise them when they grew in my late Mother's garden, but now like to see them filling the holes at this time of year. They seed everywhere, but later when planting other things, if you dig them up they don't mind and you can bung them somewhere else!

2 Apr, 2016


Honeysuckle, I have enjoyed a couple of hours in the Greenhouse and garden, just having a lunch break now, ready to go again!

We have Sussex clay in this garden so everything gets a bucketful of grit and compost before plants go in, seems to be working.

The Mina Lobata are shooting up already, in a Triffid kind of way so I may have sown them too early, oops! The Sorbaria is now in a decorative pot to grow on.

Years ago I sent a shoebox full of Muscari up to David, a GoY member in Scotland, sadly he's no longer on here for whatever reason. At least they went to a good home :o)

2 Apr, 2016


Nice plants Shirley, my sorboria doesnt go crazy in my garden, nothing does to be fair, think the clay stops alot of plants in their tracks here. I remember David :)

2 Apr, 2016


Yes our favourite place for our plants is a family run nursery on the edge of town Shirley, its also the one where we like to have a wander around their bargain polytunnel, had many a bargain out of there, all they need is a bit of tlc and they soon come round.
Its been a good day here so I've been in the garden and the g'houses, its getting to that busy time isn't it..
David is well into walking and photography now, we are in contact with him through Kaths group on Facebook...

2 Apr, 2016


Thanks Da ... Sussex clay here which can be a bind at times!

Lincs ... I just checked up on David and am amazed to see his last blog was in November 2011. Good to know you are in contact with him ... does he still garden at The Haven? I think that's where those Muscari were going. His children must be young teens now ...

3 Apr, 2016


I miss the old crowd - Milky, Bonkers, Jackque, Sanbaz to name a few.

3 Apr, 2016


Yes indeed Da, when I joined GoY in 2010 they were all so helpful as I had no idea about getting around the site! Bonkers was doing a lot with the sister site, Ispyabird, last time I enquired and I know Jacques was very involved with her job.

You never know, they may return one day .....

4 Apr, 2016


Hi Shirley, yes Bonkers (Ray and Jane) were great. I tried to contact them on ispy recently and they didn't reply, no reply on email either­čśĽ I liked Toto too and Paul. Yes Jackque was busy with work, you never know, they may come back.

5 Apr, 2016


Da, have you read Hywel's recent blog re GoY and some issues with it? Interesting reading when you have a moment .....

5 Apr, 2016

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