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To The Manor Born


Hello everyone, just to say I haven’t been around on GoY for about a month, problems with Mum as she suffered a mild stroke about three weeks ago but is recovering pretty well. I have neglected my garden but am getting back on track now.

Michael and I enjoyed a pleasant five day break in Cricket St. Thomas, Somerset a month ago and discovered that the BBC TV sitcom ‘To The Manor Born’ was filmed here from 1979-1981.

The manor house is now a sprawling adults only hotel, described as having Regency elegance with sweeping staircases. There are 160 acres of gardens, croquet on the lawns and boules, weather permitting!

The hotel owners are pleased to show the connection to the BBC TV programme …

Take a stroll around with us on a cold and frosty morning …

Amongst the gardens are a series of sculptures, this one depicting the then owner’s grandchildren at play.

We heard this noisy pair of Pheasants before we saw them!

The source of rushing water was soon revealed …

After crossing the very slippery and frosty foot bridge we walked further along the stream bank and were thrilled to see a family of Swans. One of the adults declined going down the little waterfall, choosing instead to take a short cut through the reeds, on dry land for a short distance, then returning to the water, thereby missing the rocks and the fast flowing water!

Now, for me, what happened next was something I feel privileged to have seen and will remember forever.

The remaining adult Swan and the younger four swam around, unsure if they should dare to ‘go with the flow’ so to speak, or take the short cut through the reeds to dry land. We watched as they deliberated on the best course of action.

All at once they swam to the top of the waterfall, jumped down and then ran across the rushing water at the next lower level. The sound of their webbed feet smashing down across the water was incredible, so much so that I watched and forgot to take photos so you will just have to imagine it! What a sight, something I’m sure I shall never witness again.

After all that walking in the cold it was time to warm up in front of one of the open log fires.

I hope you enjoyed this little break and must say that I am looking forward to another Spring full of colour in the garden again.

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Sorry to hear about Mum's stroke Shirley. You must tell her that there are people asking for her all over the world! :) What a beautiful place. I like a country house hotel and that one looks a cracker! :) Awful glad I don't have a big house myself though....the thought of all that dusting....groan!

15 Mar, 2016


That's a lovely thing to say regarding my Mum, Karen, thank you. She is still struggling with her speech, it frustrates her so very much, but her mobility is getting better with each day. The hotel was excellent, with good food and entertainment.

15 Mar, 2016


Some lovely photos Shirley......that tree stump that has been carved into an archway with an added roof is fantastic.
Glad you had a good time.
Send mum all our best!

15 Mar, 2016


Thanks Paul ... amazing how creative some folk are!

15 Mar, 2016


We have friends who used to use to stay at Cricket St Thomas, usually just before Christmas, they thoroughly enjoyed it, have been back several does look very peaceful and tranquil.
Sorry to hear about your Mum Shirley, not easy? is it? hopefully all will return to normal, and you can settle down and enjoy the Spring sunshine...

15 Mar, 2016


That must have been a shock for you all. Your poor Mum - is she able to write when speaking doesn't work?
That country house looks a perfect place to relax and unwind. Hope you returned renewed in body and spirit ready for the fray!

15 Mar, 2016


Liked your blog, except the bit about your Mum. Hope she gets back to her old self soon.

16 Mar, 2016


I'm sorry too tohear about your Mum Shirley, as Karen says she's in my thoughts too xxx

Fascinating hotel and beautiful grounds......I've been watching penelope keiths hidden village series recently.......

What a way to use a old giant Cedar,
sometimes I wake early and listen to tweet of the day on radio4 (just before the 6am news)
Today was treecreepers and a short story about them boring holes into the soft corky bark of the Wellingtonia and sitting snug and insulated from the cold, they're the little birds that huddle together on cold nights

16 Mar, 2016


Wonderful surroundings for a break Shirley, those gardens look really well cared for and I was quite taken with the arch, I could picture the swans skydiving over the waterfall, I think I would have been engrossed enough to forget the photo's as well, lol.
Sorry to hear your mum has been unwell and hope she continues to improve, it must be hard for you watching her struggle to talk..

16 Mar, 2016


Fab. blog, Shirley..
I hope your mother continues to perk up. x

17 Mar, 2016


Sorry to hear about your Mum Shirley, hope she's back to full good health soon. Loved the blog, glad you enjoyed yourself. X

17 Mar, 2016


Sorry to hear about your mother, but glad to read that she's improving.

You had a nice break in a lovely place - that's good :)

18 Mar, 2016


Thanks everyone for your lovely comments ... I'm pleased to report Mum's speech has returned enough for us to understand her now. Phew, such a relief!

19 Mar, 2016


That is very good news Shirley. It must have been extremely frustrating for her when you couldn't understand what she wanted to say. It would drive me nuts.
A lovely blog and photos though. It does look a very nice place to stay. I too would have missed catching the swans daredevil antics with the camera. Fascinating..
That's a brilliant tree carving, I'd love it in my garden...LOL

21 Mar, 2016


I'm pleased to hear your mum is slowly recovering Shirley , I loved this blog its so interesting my imagination was going into over drive , the hotel and garden are fascinating a wonderful place to relax and get a little ' me ' time .. lets hope mum is soon back to her usual self :o)

21 Mar, 2016


That's good to hear Shirley.I'm glad mum is making progress now..What a lovely place to stay,and explore the surrounding gardens..The break will have done you both good..take care..:o) x

21 Mar, 2016


It must be a constant worry for you Shirley, but it is reassuring to read that she is gradually getting better.

I loved all your photos and it must have been a very relaxing place to stay. The garden looks beautiful in the crisp, frosty sunshine.

Hope your mum continues to improve.

21 Mar, 2016


What a lovely place Shirley. Thanks for sharing and all the best to your mother.

22 Mar, 2016


Pleased to hear that your Mother is improving, Shirley, and hope that continues. I am imagine how frustrated she must get. Your photos of your visit to Somerset are stunning, what a beautiful house. I used to love that programme too.

25 Mar, 2016


Apologies to those who commented from the 21st onwards ... for some reason I've only been notified of them today ... very strange.

We spoke to somebody recently who has stayed in this hotel in the Summer and said how beautiful the gardens were ... has got us thinking about returning in July or August.

Mum continues to improve and is back to walking with a frame ... speech not too bad either ... :o)

31 Mar, 2016

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