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All change!


When we moved here in 2001, a few cherished plants and shrubs were potted up and brought from our previous garden. Among them were three Cordylines in medium sized pots which, after a couple of years, were planted in the garden itself.

They have been through all kinds of weather …

They have provided a place for Megan cat to climb and use as scratching posts …

One of the three was removed last year to make way for a small Summerhouse. This also meant removing a raised bed and re-siting some shrubs …

OH and I decided the time had come for a change in the garden, so here’s what happened yesterday …

One down, one to go …

No more of those horrible brown leaves to gather up! …

The stumps have not been ground out, due to the cost of it, so we shall put a pot atop each remaining section of trunk for the time being …

Just need to get a couple of evergreen shrubs for those pots.

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Good move ShirleyT! Never think those look right in an English garden. You'll enjoy the open space! Congratulations to the stump grinder, leaving such a nice flat surface ready for pots!

19 Aug, 2015


Haven't they done a great job? It will be much lighter now Shirley. They were nice, but everything has its day.

19 Aug, 2015


I guess they were getting tired looking,Shirley,and so many more planting opportunities for you,now you have more space and will forget they were ever there before long..but poor Megan..:o(

19 Aug, 2015


Stera, we are very pleased with the work they did. Recommended by our son, as they had removed a huge Conifer in his garden.

Karen, I had been saying for some time that I would like them to go. Michael finally agreed, that's what retirement does you see, too much spare time sitting in the Summerhouse re-designing the garden!

Lol Sandra, poor Megan my foot! She scratches the top rail of the fences, the kitchen mat by the back door and today I caught her rubbing her face against the tough old stems of the Echinops you sent me!

19 Aug, 2015


Lol,Shirley..well,it is her home as well ! :o) you spoil that cat..! I'd have a rummage in her fur if I were you..some of the seed heads on my Echinops are ready for dropping..just what you need, a prickly Megan..ha ha x

19 Aug, 2015


Yes, they are very attractive but I can sympathise with you.....they seem to constantly need brown leaves taken off/picked up!

19 Aug, 2015


I liked them Shirley.....but they were getting very tall to keep them maintained? But they were healthy looking in your pictures. Same as my neighbour's old arbutus tree. I loved it but it created a whole sorts of problems for them so down it went. I feel always sorry for a mature tree to go down. But sometimes it is necessary.
Well, now you have a space to start a new adventure.
By the way, I like your Summerhouse.

19 Aug, 2015


I bet your garden will seem much bigger and lighter now Shirley ! In the past I've often planted things and not realised how much space they take up !
I love your summer house ! You will get more light into it now and it will be fun planning what to do now you have more space !

20 Aug, 2015


He's made a really good job there Shirley.We are having an old Spruce tree removed later this year, when we have our Acer trimmed.I shall miss it but a bit like me......gone by its sell buy date!!!lol.Hope our tree fellers make a good a job with ours.

20 Aug, 2015


Gosh that was a job well done. It's always sad in a way to remove mature plants and trees ,but this was a job which needed doing, I can that and haven't you got loads more light now?

22 Aug, 2015


Paul, there were times when I was picking up twenty or more of those blessed leaves in the morning!

Klahanie, yes they had reached such a height that we were unable to cut off the dead 'fronds', so they hung on until they were ready to fall! I feel the Summerhouse is too small, just big enough for two chairs and a small table, but it's a nice retreat on a windy day!

Rose, I have planted a Fuchsia 'Mrs. Popple' in 2 pots and placed them on the flat tree stumps, but will no doubt change that in the future!

Gralew, it is sad to fell a tree, but needs must sometimes. Age is just a number! You're young at heart :o)

Waddy, I have to say I prefer them not being around, as you say, much more light in the garden, especially on a sunny day like today. :o)

22 Aug, 2015


Mmmm! lol!

22 Aug, 2015

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