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Last day of February 2015


Here we are again, another Spring season sees the awakening of bulbs and dormant perennials.

The Frogs are keeping busy, as you can tell by the Frog spawn appearing in the pond. Shame it’s right by the Water Mint as I was going to pot that on to a bigger pot, mustn’t disturb it for a while now!

Hellebores and Primulas are blooming, sadly the bugs are waking up to nibble on the flowers and foliage.

Yesterday was sunny for some time, back to grey and dreary today. Daffodils and Crocus enjoyed the warmth of the sun.

The purple Hebe continues to thrive, raised from a cutting a couple of years ago.

This Viburnum tinus ‘Gwenllian’ has really got going too.

Thank goodness for evergreens in the garden, how bare it would look without them.

Many potted Tulips are peeping through, so here’s hoping for a good gardening year to come!

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Lots of wonderful signs of spring in your garden ST. No frog spawn in my pond yet, although I know we have 3 frogs living there. Love your helleborus especially the last one, so pretty.

28 Feb, 2015


Our pond is so little that I think its even too small for frog spawn ! Your spring garden looks lovely Shirley and I am off outside right now to see what is growing !

28 Feb, 2015


Well, here's to another gardening year about to begin Shirley! Surprisingly, we aren't too far behind you. I dont actually have a daffodil yet, but the crocus are just beginning to bloom, and the hellebores are going great guns. I like your Viburnum growing beside the's doing really well. I've just planted my pink flowered one 'Lisa Rose' in the ground as part of my latest project. Its been wet here, so the only work done has been in the greenhouse, but pleased to report lots of seeds germinating in there and all my pots now scrubbed and everything re-organised an ship-shape. In fact, I'm so proud of myself I might even take a picture! Love your you say, where would we be without our evergreens eh? :))

28 Feb, 2015


Thanks Waddy, that frogspawn literally appeared overnight! Our cat sits by the pond of an evening ... not sure she'd actually catch a frog though.

Rose, our pond is only small too, it's a pre-formed one that was then given a brick edging. D-in-laws parents gave us some frogspawn a couple of years ago ... the rest is history!

Karen, the tree to the right of the Viburnum is one of the two huge Cordylines I'm debating about having removed. One day I think to myself, just lop some of the branches off, the next I think they have to go!
Apart from some Sweet Peas I haven't sown any seeds yet, no heat in my Greenhouse. May sow some Runner Beans and Tomatoes in the coming weeks. Look forward to a photo of your ship-shape GH! :o)

28 Feb, 2015


It was nice to see all your spring flowers Shirley.
Your daffodils are much further ahead than mine, and your Hellebores are lovely :o)

28 Feb, 2015


Your garden looks lovely already Shirley, spring is almost here can't wait!! We've only ever had one lone frog in our pond calling for a mate poor thing, think others see the fish and think no way lol.

28 Feb, 2015


Thanks Hywel :o)

I saw one of the Frogs this morning ... enormous thing!

1 Mar, 2015


Wow Spring has come early to your garden Shirley, a lovely array of bulbs and your collection of Hellebores are just beautiful, Your Frogs have certainly been busy! I have no sign of any activity in my pond yet!

1 Mar, 2015


You have some lovely colour in your garden,Shirley..much more than here yet,but they are on their way..slowly ! you are going to have lots of little tadpoles soon,I bet Ellora will be fascinated..I love the close up of the bark on your
Cordyline,but you still seem undecided whether to keep them or not..time will tell :o)

1 Mar, 2015


Carole, I'm not saying one of the Frogs is big, but a pond plant, together with the big stone keeping it in place, had sunk almost to the bottom of the pond today! I donned a gauntlet and found them, frightened the life out of the Frog too!

Sandra, I drove along the seafront to Worthing earlier and saw a fabulous display of yellow and mauve Crocus on a green, wonderful. Did you spot the different pattern on the Cordyline, a little way up? That's where Megan cat sharpens her claws. Another reason to keep them I guess!

2 Mar, 2015


I had another look,Shirley,and yes,I saw can't take them down now.that would be cruel to lovely Megan :o)

3 Mar, 2015


Lovely and cheerful, Shirley.

3 Mar, 2015


All doing well in your garden Shirley, you are so right about the evergreens, they keep us going don't they and its grand when the spring bulbs pop up amongst them, no spawn in the ponds in my garden yet but I have seen a couple of frogs going walkabout so it won't be long...

3 Mar, 2015


Lol Sandra, we're going to saw off some of the 'limbs' of the Cordylines and see how they look before we make a final decision ... can't have Megan without a scratching post! :o)

Thanks Paul ... loads more mauve Crocus have appeared.

Lincs, the Frogspawn has doubled in size now ... very busy Frogs! I hope yours get active before too long.

7 Mar, 2015

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