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Three days of dry and warmish weather


At long last, the biting wind has stopped blowing, the sun showed itself, in between clouds of course, over the past three days so I’ve been in my happy place – the garden.

Plants have been uprooted and re-planted to different parts of the garden – namely this Eleagnus ebbingei to hide more fence panels

In order to do that, two Roses were moved across to the other side of the garden – so there has been much digging, watering, planting and mulching.

I planted four Clematis tangutica – again to cover the fencing at the back of the garden.

Here are some of the flowers in bloom in the garden today.

Oh look, there’s something in my boot! A tiny Daffodil trying to come through.

The Greenhouse is filling up with seeds of Sunflowers, ‘Russian Giant’ and ‘Harlequin’ varieties. I know there are a lot, some will go to the local School plant fair later on.

As the ground has been so wet, OH and I have yet to dig over the plot ready to plant the Onions (Setton and Stuttgarter) and Potatoes (Maris Peer, King Edward and Pentland Javelin), so they are awaiting their escape from the GH!

Here are the incredible Photinias and Pittosporum ‘Tom Thumb’ in my neighbours front garden.

And these are cuttings taken from said Photinias!

Finally, the Coprosma with Violas and Pansies in the blue pots by the front door are still going strong – not bad considering they were planted up last October.

The forecast for down South is rain from 3am – perfect for watering in my re-sited plants.

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Shirley, I LOVE your fencing! I noticed this style in several British gardens and I really like how boards are laid over each other. It is very nice wooden work. Oh, and those Hellebore are magnificient!
Finally. I do not want to pontificate, please, forgive me. But roses do NOT like mulch! David Austin once said famous sentence when journalists asked him on the secret of healthy and good looking roses. He said "Roses need two things - good position (sunny, with large spaces between them and other plants) and compost in the spring. That´s all!"

8 Apr, 2013


You've been very busy, I love moving things around too. Lovely photos, your neighbour's Photinias are amazing!

8 Apr, 2013


You have been very busy and it is all looking lovely and fresh. Those Hellebores are beautiful. I do like the Pittisporum in your neighbours garden. That is a gorgeous blue pot at the front door and the pansies and violas are looking wonderful. I dk what happened to mine but they did not do well at all.

8 Apr, 2013


Glad you like the British style of fence panels, Kat - but I'd much rather see green plants than brown fencing any day! The Hellebores are at the back of the garden, hidden from view until I get right up close to them. I shall investigate the mulch around the Roses, thanks for the info. ... :o)

Ha ha, Louisa - neighbour is up in his 80's and only trims them when it's really necessary ... :o)

Scotsgran - I have no idea why that pot of flowers is still looking healthy - must thrive on neglect!

8 Apr, 2013


Hi Shirley you are a good girl getting out into the garden and working so hard. I'm afraid I have done nothing although the weather has been gorgeous, we have had the grandchildren here and have had five very busy days, plenty of time for gardening, your borders are looking good and those photinias look like they have rooted too.

8 Apr, 2013


You have been busy, Shirley...I'll bet you really enjoyed getting stuck in....I spent Sunday in the back garden and every bit of me ached on Monday...Katarina, i thought compost in the Spring was mulch??....:>)

8 Apr, 2013


Spring is definitely on the way, makes you feel so different, that clematis is going to look so pretty!

Love the daffodil in the boot.

8 Apr, 2013


Motinot@mulch and compost are two different things, if you mean mulch from compost, then in case of rose - no. Compost is scattered around the rose. Roses even like more small pebbles around their stems then grass.

9 Apr, 2013


This is interesting about the roses. Here in the UK everyone seems to mulch roses with muck. I don't because The dog would roll in it and eat it, but I do scatter blood, fish and bonemeal, or chicken pellets around them. Must get some actually, before it's too late!

9 Apr, 2013


I have been putting 'Hoss Muck' around my roses and the dog thinks it is a treat. lol. mucky little blighter, shall not miss him when he has gone back to his mistress (well not much anyway) lol :O)

9 Apr, 2013


English is a difficult language for non native speakers and sometimes even for native speakers. I'm a devotee of mulch and could wax lyrical about it all day but the following link says it all.
It mentions using uncut newspaper sheets under the mulch something I have long advocated. Our local shop is happy to offload unsold newspapers to save having to pay to have them recycled. He also gives me large cardboard boxes to cut up, which are ideal under woodchip laid on paths. The woodchip smells great and is lovely to walk on. Two years later when it is starting to rot it is added to the compost bins. Old carpets cut in to strips are also great under woodchip.

9 Apr, 2013


Katarina - I have always applied a layer of home-made garden compost to the flower borders in the Autumn - but having moved plants around last weekend I was surprised at how dry the soil was so watered them in and added a covering of the compost mulch. Ironically, we have had rain from early morning today!

I read the following advice in one of my gardening books:
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
When applying any kind of mulch, leave some space around the plant crown, or tree base. If you pile any kind of mulch up against the crown, you will rot the plant out and it will die.

So leave 1 to 2 inches of breathing room near the stem or base of the plant.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I shall now do exactly that around the Roses!

9 Apr, 2013


You've been so busy Shirley , We have our potatoes chitting and broad bean peeping through ,We've never put onions in trays like that ,does it give them a better start ? the birds tend to pull ours out like some kind of silly game .........

9 Apr, 2013


Amy, this is a first for us too! As the soil is so cold and the allotment has yet to be dug over, we followed the advice from Monty Don on last weeks GW programme to half bury them in compost in modular trays. Almost like making a little plug plant, the roots really take off. We'll plant them out when green shoots and some roots appear, hopefully the soil will have warmed up a little by then. Compared to last year on the plot, we are about a month behind ... :o(

9 Apr, 2013


What a busy Bee you have been!Its the time of year to move plants around especially those that cover fences , I have been doing a bit of that myself, just hope they are happy in their new positions.! I love your hellebores they are stunning, I didnt get one flower on any of mine:0( but they are throwing up new shoots now I keep checking in hope ]what a great idea growing seeds for the school fair;0) Hpoe you get a good crop of potatoes Its something I would like to grow but havent got the room!Despite all the snow we have had these last weeks the pots and ground is very dry, so I have been out watering pots today;0)

9 Apr, 2013


I thought of you over the weekend, Carole - I attempted to trim a Hebe into a rounder shape - a la Pansypotter! It turned out better than I had hoped. I know what you mean about watering pots - the top couple of inches of soil are so dry that it's cracking. Talk about crazy weather this year!

9 Apr, 2013


Superb! Looking very healthy for you - love the boots!! :D gorgeous neighbours Photinias and pitts... :))))))))))))

9 Apr, 2013


You have the same weather as us Shirley, and like you we have been busy moving plants around, the perfect weather for it.........great to get out in the garden again is it not? well done to you both.

9 Apr, 2013


You`ve beaten me to it Shirley ! I`ve got plans to do some moving of shrubs and roses tomorrow and they will have a mulch of compost and horse manure applied round their roots but not touching the stems.
Your blog sounds very upbeat so I hope you are enjoying better health.

10 Apr, 2013


Paul - those boots are the pair OH and I bid for at an auction ... must get them planted up soon ... :o)

It does us a power of good to be out there, Dotty, long may it continue!

Stroller - I hope you managed to get your plants re-sited today ... PM on the way to you ... :o)

11 Apr, 2013


We all feel more like doing stuff in the garden when it's warmer, eh Shirley.Glas u'r getting better weather.Lovelyday here yesterday(wed) bit rained all day today and Tuesday and more forecast Friday.But, at
East, as you say, not that awful cold east wind!!!
Did u'r Teasel plants survive ok? if not, I can send you some more! shame I haven't got my seeds anymore but loads of self seedlings!!!!

11 Apr, 2013


Ptg ... I hope you managed to get some gardening done today ... it's been a mixed day for us ... almost 4 seasons in one day! Last night, OH refereed a match after he and some players swept the puddles away ... did your team win last Saturday?

Yes, the Teasels are thriving at the back of the garden ... should keep the birds happy in a year or so ... many thanks for those ... :o)

12 Apr, 2013


Oh, I missed this Shirley.Yes, they did win on that Saturday then Tuesday and then again this Saturday, to win the league title...but you've already seen that on my blog!! Sorry, don't know how I missed this!!!!! Glad the Teasels survived!!!!I 'be even more appeared now!!!!Still, should keep the Goldfinches happy!!!!!!

17 Apr, 2013


Ptg ... I finally bought some Sunflower hearts a couple of weeks ago - within three days a pair of Goldfinches began coming into the garden for them - and have been back each day - beautiful birds. It'll be like a 5 star restaurant when the Teasels seeds are ready ... :o)

18 Apr, 2013


What a busy girl... everything looks so well. Determined little Daffy isn't it in the Your Hellebores look grand and so does the pot and next doors bushes.

19 Apr, 2013


your doing well its nice to see shirley, clever daff comming through boot, bet you couldnt have planned that one lol,
all looking good shirley , nice to read your blog :o))

19 Apr, 2013


Thanks both ... sun has shone for most of the day ... so lovely to be outdoors minus a coat or fleece ... :o)

20 Apr, 2013


Marvellous blog, Shirley & the comments, particularly concerning mulching, are very useful to a beginner like me.
I can add one thing, though for Katarina...the fence panels are called 'Larchlap' on account of them comprising of overlapping slats of larch.
Karen, isn't that container your favourite Jongyboy blue?

27 Apr, 2013


Mouldy - I have only just seen this comment ... glad it helps you with the mulching ... aren't gardening terms just like a foreign language to a beginner? ... Been there, done that, so to speak ... :o)

2 May, 2013


Did a wee bit of forestry, which is why my neighbours coerced me into taking the garden on, their logic being that trees & other plants grow in the ground, so I had a better idea than them.
Strangely true, but worlds apart, as gardeners like yourself know. Lol.
Mulching I was familar with, but not with regards to roses.
Trees? Chuck about 4" of bark mulch around them every 5yrs or so.
Plants, well it's a whole new ballgame, especially gardening phraseology, as you've said, although a few terms do cross the divide, so it's good to know the members are only too happy to tutor & guide me in the right directions & there's no shortage of laughter along the way!
Or of unexpected kindness & generosity, such as you yourself have shown towards me with your gift of the black grass.
Thank you, Shirley! :-)

2 May, 2013

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