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*Since joining GoY I have seen some wonderful photos of stunning Dahlias, especially from Amblealice and Motinot.

I find myself becoming increasingly fond of Dahlias and wonder if it is down to GoY, or the fondness my Mother also has for Dahlias, as did her Mother before her!

As promised, Aa, here are a few for you … well, quite a lot really!
The first ones are being grown on an allotment near our own … no names for them … even though I did try to read the faded card labels! …

I really love the one above …

Is the one above possibly too vibrant! …

The next selection are growing in my Mum’s garden …


I am trying to convince Mum that Dahlias stems are allowed to be dark … they do not have to be green! …

The next Dahlias are growing in my own garden …

I have no name for the one above … just comes back each year so long as I mulch it for the Winter …

This Pom-pom Dahlia needs a name … it was in a pack of six but does not tally with any of the names printed!

Decorative Edinburgh … which I really like

Dalina Maxi … ironic as it is a very short variety!

Gallery Art Fair

This is a plate sized Dahlia … decorative Thomas A. Edison … very rich colour with blooms that stay for a long time

I hope you enjoyed these Dahlias, Amblealice!*

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oh these are fantastic!! you clever girl.

1 Sep, 2011


I do like the last one very much....and any of the bishop and his relatives are stunning. Very colourful aren't they. I only have one left now...Tahoma Moonshot...I'll try and get another photo for you Shirley, it's so different to all of these.

1 Sep, 2011


Really lovely,Shirley..Amblealice will love them..and so do I..:o)/I am going to have a closer look,before I decide on my's going to be a tough decision..gone on my faves,for future reference..:o) Thanks for sharing..

1 Sep, 2011


Nothing clever really, Sticki, just remember where they are and give them a good mulch for the Winter ... being so far South I don't lift them ... :o))) . . . . .

Karen, I shall attempt to sow seed of most of mine (and Mums - though she doesn't know that yet!) ... so if the last one (Thomas) shows up shall I send him up to you ... :o))) . . . . .
Bloomer, I love the one in the third pic ... shame it's on the allotment! ... Perhaps AA will name some more for us ... come on AA ... names required please ... lol!

1 Sep, 2011


I'm green with envy Shirley, I love dahlias but thought I'd have a change as I lost quite a few last winter. Oh how I regret it now that late summer is here, my garden has suddenly gone comparitively drab :o(( No the orange one isn't too vibrant, well not for me anyway but I especially love the next one down :o)). Lovely pics, thanks for sharing them.

1 Sep, 2011


Really lovely Shirley, I can't choose either, I only have two this year, and the one you gave me, but tomorrow I am going to the Bath & West Garden Show at Shepton Mallet, and they have the National Dahlia Show there, so I shall be snapping away there. I feel a blog coming on....

1 Sep, 2011


Right then, Lily, I'll be having a word with "the lady what grows them on the plot" ... ... wonder how she'd feel about some Runner Beans or Potatoes as a Dahlia swap! . . . . .

Ooh, Cinders, take many photos please ... and have a lovely day too ... shall look out for yourDahlia blog! :o))) . . . . .

1 Sep, 2011


Lovely photos Shirley . . . I particularly like 'Edinburgh'. Have never grown Dahlias, but I can see the attraction!

1 Sep, 2011


Some beauties there aren't there?

1 Sep, 2011


Gorgeous Shirley, I lost all of mine last winter, even the ones I`d lifted and stored so only have four little ones in my front garden, I regret not replacing the ones in my back garden even though I wouldn`t have had any room.
I`m adding this to my favs so I know which ones I have to look out for next year......

1 Sep, 2011


A lovely selection favourite is the cactus flowered bloom.No 4. That giant dec. Thomas A Eddision ....he's a beauty too.
Sorry I can't name them for you..I only have some exhibition varieties. There are so many lovely ones to choose from for the garden these days. Of course they are coming into their own at this time of year....all that wonderful vibrant colour. I'll be going to the lottie later and will take some up to date pics for you.
I have a plea for anyone taking and posting pics of their dahlias..please....wait until they are open before snapping....most pics I see have only a few rows of petals and huge "centres"......lets see them in all their glory!!
I am quite envious of those who are going to the Bath & West this weekend.....please lots of piccies!!!!....and anyone going to Harrogate the same....I shall miss it this year as I will be in Gibraltar..hopefully soaking up some sunshine...:-))

2 Sep, 2011


Thank you Shirley. :)

2 Sep, 2011


I absolutely adore dahlias, I grow them on my allotment and in our garden,and I have a few of what you have but some I haven't seen before.Edinborough is truly magnificant.Thankyou for sharing these with us, I will be looking out for some of these.

2 Sep, 2011


My fave is Edinburgh too, I am too lazy to grown these, dont you have to lift & store them each year? Lovely photos Shirley.

2 Sep, 2011


I love all of them Shirley but particularly the Edinborough one.
Last year was the first year I lifted mine albeit it was only the Bishop, I was going to alter the beds around.My son offered to sort out our old shed and he threw out some old tatty onions. It wasn`t until I came to replant and yes you`ve guessed it.

2 Sep, 2011


Sheila ... 'Edinburgh' is a beauty ... and not too tall . . . . .

Grandmage ... I guess we're fortunate being so far South ... I just mark where they are and mulch them ... so far so good! . . . . .

There are indeed, Sheilar! :o) . . . . .

Oh, Lincs, that's a shame ... I know they sometimes rot in storage ... :o((( . . . . .

Rose ... do you leave yours in the ground or lift and store them? ... Interested to know what other folk do with theirs! ... :o) . . . . .

Stroller ... ONLY the Bishop ... tut tut ... he's a handsome one! ... :o) .... Sorry, but I had to smile at your son's mistake ... :o)))

Alice ... point taken re. the photos of fully open Dahlias ... I shall remember that in future! ... :o)))

2 Sep, 2011



2 Sep, 2011


Beautiful are'nt they, find on my friends allotments there are always alot of dahlias on them, infact nearly everyone as them.

3 Sep, 2011


These Dahlias are in with the Raspberries and Gladioli, Carol! ... all looks good though ... :o)

3 Sep, 2011


That would be good Shirley, you never know your luck!

3 Sep, 2011


Allotment Swapshop will be put into place soon, Lily! ... :o)))

3 Sep, 2011


brilliant particulary liked numbers 2-3 and six counting down but all are brill number six i have but like you no idea of its name and no way is number six too vibrant all my neighbours comment about this one

5 Sep, 2011


Beautiful :o)

6 Sep, 2011


Such a wonderful blog Shirley....No. 6 is lovely and not one bit too vibrant...:>)...I lost 'edinburg' last Winter, luckily my sister's survived..i'll be giving her a visit soon lol..'T A. Edison' is a beauty....I shall try and find some names for you...:>)

7 Sep, 2011


Thanks Dahlianut ... the choice is bewildering now! .....

Hywel, they add a bit of colour late in the season ... I have only just got interested in Dahlias ... always thought they were a bit 'showy' in the past! ... :o))) .....

Oh thankyou, Motty, to have some I.D. would be great ... :o))) .....

8 Sep, 2011


Beautiful pictures. Have just done a blog about a dahlia nursery but your pictures on this page just glow !!

30 Sep, 2011


Thankyou, Inverglen ... I shall look at your blog asap! . . . . .

1 Oct, 2011

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