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Newliston House, Kirkliston nr Edinburgh


There is a country house about 10 minutes walk from where I live. Each year whenever I pass and they have their open day signs up – I’ve never had the time to pop in.
However, on the way home from shopping this afternoon – I grabbed the opporchancity to go have a wee look around.
Unlike a lot of Country Estate and Mansion houses – New Liston House is only open for 1 month of the year and only for a couple of afternoons in each week. Having arrived late in the afternoon – it wasn’t busy – which was surprising as it was such a lovely day.
New Liston House was the last country house designed by the famous architect Robert Adam before his death. The gardens had been designed by his father William Adam snr in 1731. The gardens were originally designed for a much larger house. A plan for the gardens by William Adam, Sr. are in the collection of Blenheim Palace.

New Liston House designed by Robert Adam in 1789

The house was designed for Thomas Hog…..I hope this isn’t a true likeness :))

There are no formal gardens only landscaped grounds with trees, rhododendrons and azaleas, water feature (pond) and model steam railway. Here are a selection of some pictures from my walk around.

First of all a selection of some of the Rhododendrons and Azaleas. Many had already gone over which was disappointing!

A close up of the yellow flowers. I’m not usually a fan of yellow coloured Rhododendrons when I see them in the GCs but I like this – I think it was because it was larger and surrounded by so much green it was easier on the eye!

The pond with the cattle grazing over by…

The steam model railway – which you can ride on – just my luck it had broken down! At one point the was 6 gentlemen working around it. Not sure if it was many hands make light work or too many cooks!!

The dinky little railway furniture…

The railway track setting off around the pond – I think this would have been fun!

The gardens here are full of beautiful trees – although I can’t name them here is a selection for you to look at.

The biggest Monkey Puzzle tree I have ever seen!

Note the little tree full of blossom to the left in this next picture – this was my favourite tree of the day – I was mesmerised by it!

Here follows as selection of pictures of the blossom of the little cherry tree (?) – I couldn’t decide which ones to miss out so thought I would share them all :))

If it was night time – I think this would have been ‘glow in the dark’

Pink blossom this time….


Closer still….

Some blue/pink/white bells….

Wild garlic?

Hercules standing proud!

Could some kind GOYer with more knowledge than I tell me what kind of conifer is standing to the rear of this grouping please?

Looking skyward – a beautiful blue sky today, but still cold enough for a light jacket….

Looking throught the trees to a little run down cottage…

Out with the old and in with the new!

Warts and all on the bark of a very large Holly Tree

On leaving the house – this is the view from the top of the steps. Looking south towards the Pentland Hills – if those trees had not been in the way – I probably could see my house!

Zoom in……

I hope you enjoyed you walk around Newliston House gardens. Thank you all for reading. I know it’s been a long one and please feel free to name any of the trees for me!
p.s. please excuse the date stamp on some of the pictures these are not old pictures – I didn’t realise the dates showed up on the images doh!!

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what a lovely place to visit ~ i do like your word:


So lovely to see blue sky!

some beautiful rhodedendrons, and the blossom is really lovely ~ i dont feel as if i have seen much blossom this year.

20 May, 2012


Gorgeous grounds filled with so much beauty. Glad you stopped in and shared :)

20 May, 2012


I'm glad you had time to visit the gardens. They are beautiful. And it seems the weather was nice for you aswell ....

21 May, 2012


A must visit Angie thankyou for sharing with us.

Amazing gardens.

Could this have been on telly at sometime as I remember the train but I have never visited.

21 May, 2012


Looks like a nice place to visit, I like wandering around big old houses like that, unfortunately my children don't!! Those warts make me want to scratch!!!!

21 May, 2012


What lvoely place..never been there. Keep meaning to get round these kind of places but never seem to have time..or petrol! lol Smashing pics hen :)

21 May, 2012


Lovely blog, Scottish. Imagine opening the curtains to those beautiful grounds every morning...gorgeous...and fab photos too...

21 May, 2012


Thank you for the trip down memory lane Scottish. I used to visit a friend who lived on the estate and it is just lovely. Sad to see the old greenhouses fall into decay but its good that they keep the place going. Plenty of colour to suit every taste.

21 May, 2012


Lovely place Scottish! I enjoyed it very much. Don't think I would have been able to squeeze my bottom on to the railway carriage though! I'm glad you managed to get in there at last!

21 May, 2012


Fascinating blog.

I'm glad you took the "opporchancity" to look around and take photos.

Thanks for the tour :o)))

21 May, 2012


Thankyou, Scottish. That was a lovely tour round. Great trees and lovely rhoddies. All very peaceful and serene.

21 May, 2012


Thank you all for enjoying my wee day oot!!!

Sticki and Terra.....
''Opporchancity'' and ''Chanceability'' words from scottish comedians Rikki Fulton and Jack Milroy (Frankie and Josie)......great words :)

Kath....I thought something was familiar about the railway too - I wondered if I had been there as a child with my papa.

KarenF...the views are amazing - I actually have part of that view from my bedroom - its nice :)

SG - Used to visit lots of these estate houses when I was little - my papa who was from a farming family had many friends who lived in these kind of places. Wish I could remember all the places I went to! :) would have been doing wheelies had I got on board.....whay hay!!!!!!!

Lil, Hywel, Suzi and Pixi thank you for your comments.

21 May, 2012


Ah! Hogmanay's not the same without Rikki Fulton, is it??

What a wonderful neighbour to have, Scottish...can you not make a wee back gate? :)

21 May, 2012


great blog scottish and stunning pics to :o))

21 May, 2012


Too far away K....there is a field, the road and another field before it gets to the trees. I'll take a picture to show from this side :)

21 May, 2012


What a beautiful place to have on your doorstep! Lucky you, and the wee steam train is just what my hubby has been building for the last thirty years! Thats why so many men were helping there, they are all obsessed with these trains and adore tinkering! One day I will blog about my hubbs addiction.

21 May, 2012


Thanks Grandmage....thanks for the explaination - I don't have a hubby - but my dad had more addictions than any sane person would know what to do with....cause DIVORCE between him and mum :))

22 May, 2012


Ah thats sad, I'm sorry. Mind you its like sports too ie. golf widow etc. Lol

22 May, 2012


Thanks need to be sorry though - they were best of friends - just couldn't be married, different priorities :))

23 May, 2012


I have two friends who still live in the same house as their other halves but dont live together anymore if you get my drift, they are all so much happier that way!

23 May, 2012

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