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Wildlife in the garden


By resi


i was taking out some old soil from a pot when i felt some of the soil move in my hands, and out came this fellow, one of my midwife toads, a baby still

these handsome creatures are leopards slugs, i dont often see them, this is the second one this year and they grow very large, i just looked it up, apparently anything up to 8 inches
the first one i saw in the spring was about 6 inches long, this one was more like 3 or 4in

two scarce swallowtails

a beautiful thread lacewing, we get many of them early on in the spring

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Interesting to see the wildlife in your part of the world..
and well-photographed, too ..
thank you :o)

16 Jul, 2011


Some good shots there.

16 Jul, 2011


Great shots Resi, thankyou for showing us what lives in your garden, some of which I`d never seen before...

16 Jul, 2011


So you get them all too, Resi. Are you secretly living next door to me? ;o)

17 Jul, 2011


Nice to see wildlife in your garden.

17 Jul, 2011


thank you all for your kind comments and no Nariz , country next door!
we have rain.....heaven

17 Jul, 2011


Lovely photos is nice when you get visitors in to gather nectar and grace your flowers :)

17 Jul, 2011


i welcome any visitors to our garden exept that some outstay their wellcome Whistonlass
i have learned my lesson here, there is too much poisoning, trapping and shooting and maiming going on without me adding to it
i am afraid i let our dog Jesse do our dirty work for us, there is no way i could restrain her without kennelling her, chaining her up or electric collaring her 24hrs a day anyway, mind you this doesnt apply to the beasties above, more the rabbits and mice variety and sadly the snakes if we dont spot her dancing around one first.

18 Jul, 2011


Lovely pics Resi, is your dog part mongoose?:-)

2 Aug, 2011


wouldnt surprise me Bornagain ;- )))
she's one on her own, Heinz 58, the extra one being the mongoose in the mix!
she throws them up in the air and catches them, out of their element, and as they come down she bites, some strategy hu
i always have to have one eye on her to try stopping her before yet another one bites the dust

2 Aug, 2011


Shame she can't just appreciate them like we do...but that's dogs for you, wouldn't be without them though:-)

2 Aug, 2011


saw your reference to the leopard slug on one of my comments about leopard frogs...and couldn't figure out how I managed to miss it...then I looked at the was the day we had our Mandy put down. I was a bit off after that and kinda lost the thread, sorry Resi. Amazing size to the slug...Your pic was of a small one???? yikes...6 inch slugs! glad we don't have them here...they must do serious damage if their size is any indication of their appetite! Agree with you about doing as little harm as possible to wildlife. Interesting to see that you have swallowtails just like ours over here. Wonder if they could fly across an ocean?

19 Sep, 2011

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