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I was tempted by a groupon deal from Gardening Express and bought two seperate deals to have both palms for my garden. Weeks have passed, I have not heard from the supplier nor received any update on my order. Raising a “ticket” on their website or sending them an email is also difficult from their website.

Post groupon payment and ordering the palms and lots of other items, I saw that the supplier has two pictures, one is a baby palm and other a reasonably mature tree that was shown on groupon. What customers will be getting for £79.99 (website price) is somethimg available from palm suppliers for £20 or so !

Since I am totally put off by Gardening express, I will now not accept delivery and hope getting a redund is not a nightmare.

Please avoid Gardening Express, a company not worthy of our hard earned money !

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I agree 100% with this post and am experiencing similar difficulties with Gardening Express. Avoid them, they are useless!

6 Jul, 2012


I'm another Groupon customer who as purchased off garden express.
Like above I bought goods to the value of 55.00, I actually bought these for a birthday present for my dad.I was promised delivery 3/5 days with a maximum upto 14. I still haven't received my goods now on 30 days. I have emailed them 5 times and phoned them at least half a dozen times but dint reply. luckily I have arranged to get my money from Groupon. DO NOT BUY FROM GARDENING
EXPRESS !!!!!!

22 Mar, 2013


I agree...the groupon code keeps being rejected on their site and I've tried to raise a ticket but surprise this ain't working either...!!!!!

Can any past customers tell me where the code goes just to make sure I'm doing it right.....

24 Aug, 2013

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