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I ordered a number of plug plants, which were due to be delivered in June. However, due to the rubbish 'summer' the suppliers couldn't get them out until mid August. I have put them into small pots and now don't know whether or not to plant them out. They're still babies! Plants include foxglove Excelsior, Geum Mrs Bradshaw, penstemons tubular bells, delphiniums pacific giant, echinacea prima donna and lavender Hidcote. I haven't got a proper greenhouse, just one of those with plastic covering over the frame. I feel trying to over-winter them in this or planting them out are both risky. Anyone help please?



Have a look here it looks as if Lubeelu has had the same package as you and asked more or less the same question!

9 Sep, 2012


I would pot them up till November as Teegee says and then put them in their final place. They are all hardy plants so nothing to worry about apart from slugs.

9 Sep, 2012


Keeping things in pots over winter is even more problematic than keeping them in the open ground. Plants are more likely to suffer from waterlogging or drying out or the roots freezing in pots.
The best thing to use is a cold frame and plant the plugs into the soil in this, which means you can easily transplant them to permanent positions in the spring.

9 Sep, 2012


i got the exact nsame order lol just last week, they are teenie wee things, i have put them in to bigger plugs than they are in just now in my greenhouse which is the same as yours and they are thriving away, i didnt want to put them in the ground, far to tiny and delicate, hopefully they will grow over the winter and maybe have to pot them on again before the proper winter comes in, hope this helps x

9 Sep, 2012


Ha, how funny, I did post exactly the same question earlier today. Teegee's answer was exactly what I needed.

9 Sep, 2012

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