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Cherry tree Diseases and polluation


By Bencars

United Kingdom Gb

leaves are going brown with holes, then curling up and becoming brittle and fall off, if touched.
There are no sign of polluating trees,but tree produces a few delicios cherries.
Please help
kind regards.



have you had it very long as if its new it will need watering reguarly.
depending on which cherry tree you have may be why you still have fruit if no other is around to pollinate as it may be a self pollinator

ive found this info about your leaves


Black Cherry Aphids

This problem is reported wherever cherry trees are grown. Black Cherry Aphids are the only type of aphids that affect cherry trees. The aphids are small soft-bodied insects about 3mm in length and may or may not have wings. Affected leaves become stunted, twisted and curled. The Honeydew secreted by the aphids drips on the leaves, fruits and surrounding ground. Ants may be present. A black fungus begins to grow on the honeydew where it has fallen. Treatment includes spraying with an insecticide to kill the aphids.

and this link for anymore possibilities

hope it helps

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14 Jun, 2009

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