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By Sueo

i have a orchid plant when bought it said water once a week with lukewarm water i have had it about 5 weeks and the flowers are now dying will they re flower or is my plant now dead



If it is a 'moth orchid' it will reflower but not very quickly. You can either cut off the flower stem well down when all the flowers have dried and dropped off....if it turns a reddish colour it is dead. Or if it stays green cut back to 3rd leaf axil, get a little tube of orchid fertiliser from GC. Water when the wood chips dry out and few drops of fertiliser. You may either get growth from a stem leaf axil or from low down with a fresh shoot or even both, but that is unusual. I can only talk about the moth orchid, not any other type of house orchid. One of my 'moths' is about 10 years old and has about 10 or so old flower stalks at the base of the leaves.

5 Aug, 2012

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