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By Johnjoe

Ireland Ie

Can someone help identify this plant for me please




It looks like a Nicotiana to me,Johnjoe..someone will give you a definite ID..very nice ....

20 Jul, 2012


I agree it is a Nicotinia

20 Jul, 2012


Sorry Scotdgran & Bloomer for tacking so long to get back,you are correct. When you gave me the name I looked it up on Google,and it was Nicotinia (common name Tobacco plant )Thank you for your help

21 Jul, 2012


You're welcome.

21 Jul, 2012


I though all Nicotianas had wide fat leaves. What is the variety with slender, non hairy leaves?

21 Jul, 2012


No problem,Johnjoe..glad I was right for once :o))

21 Jul, 2012

How do I say thanks?

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