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By Rocco

Please can someone identify this plant please.
It has bamboo like stems with pink flowers.

Img_0561 Img_0562 Img_0563



Himalayan balsam - an absolute thug - get rid of it before it pings its seeds all over the place.

11 Jul, 2012


I have a few patches of it growing in my can I kill it off???
Thankyou for the reply.

11 Jul, 2012


Just keep pulling it out and maybe use a systemic weedkiller (one that you put on the leaves and which kills only that plant).

11 Jul, 2012


Ok thanks....would I be able to get the weedkiller from any garden centre or B&Q?
Thanks for your help.

11 Jul, 2012


Yes you should - just read the instructions so that you don't get the wrong one and kill off everything else.

11 Jul, 2012


Whatever you do don't let it set seed. Its an imported pest that's clogging up waterways - shame as its so pretty.

11 Jul, 2012


Almost all systemic weed killers will kill any green plant.(the exceptions are those which you can use on grass but only kill weeds not the grass) so be sure to only use it carefully and apply only to the plants you want to kill. Either paint it on the leaves with a paint brush or use a sprayer on a windless dry day (Ha!) and use a piece of card or board to stop gettingit on plants you don't want to ill.

I'd suggest you use "Roundup"

11 Jul, 2012


Or just glyphosate, which is the main component of Roundup without the additons that some people think stay in the soil.

12 Jul, 2012

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