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Our old apple tree, which usually produces a huge crop, has very little fruit this year. No sign of a "June Drop" either and the leaves are blotchy and curled. Any suggestions? Not peach leaf curl I hope..




I think you'll find that apples have suffered badly this year and crops are down everywhere so I wouldn't worry too much. Mainly, I think, due to late frosts at flowering time. For an old apple tree it doesn't look to bad to me. I cut a plum back last year and it had loads of flowers this year but fruit. Also the bees were very reluctant to face the weather early on.

10 Jul, 2012


My 6 apple trees are OK this year. Some are quite old minarettes. Might be elements deficiency developing due to all the rain. Epsom salts is easy to dose and magnesium causes leaves to discolour. Get a small tub from chemist and give it a go ...nothing to lose. Dosage not critical just dissolve in water and chuck it on.

10 Jul, 2012


Thanks. both, i am encouraged by you, cuts and grazes, and will try your advice too, doriac.

10 Jul, 2012

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