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My euonymus shrub is covered in hundreds of blue bottle flies any idea what's attracting them and how can i get rid of them?



Firstly have you looked to see if there is something dead under the bush (mouse) ? As they lay their eggs in dead animals. Locate and remove any food sauce, such as any carcasses or do you leave cat food out?

5 Jul, 2012


Yeah that's what's so odd there's nothing close by. The shrub is in flower, are they attracted to these??

5 Jul, 2012


Well I have several over 12 years old and never noticed this. So perhaps someone else will have a different idea for you soon?

5 Jul, 2012


Just checking something out...

5 Jul, 2012


Worth having a good look for Euonymus Scale...It will look like tiny white bugs. They may be making the plant secrete honeydew, that would attract them.

If you have been using slug pellets...dead slugs and snails could attract them as well.

I have noticed Ivy seems to attract bluebottles.

5 Jul, 2012


Have sent you a private message, Barbaraone.

5 Jul, 2012


Hi Pimpernel thanks for that I didnt know they got scale. Will have to look out for that. I have had some with Gall which failed to thrive, until I cut off the golf balls off. I even lost one as it wrapped right around the stem.

5 Jul, 2012


Thanks for suggestions Pimpernel, something is certainly attracting them to just that one plant. Will try cutting flowers off next time. Are any other plants likely to have this problem?

6 Jul, 2012

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