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My dianthus (pinks) look very poorly. I planted them 3 years ago into troughs set into a south-facing patio. The first year they were fine, but for the last two years some buds have been papery and empty with small holes in them, while others barely opened before going brown and soggy. Could my current problems be pests (if so what? I can find no trace of unwanted creatures) or, in the case of the rotting flowers, too much water settling in the troughs? I've had pinks in previous gardens planted in similar situations (into the top of a stone wall, for example) which thrived. Two plants in other parts of my current garden also have brown slimy flowers heads, while a short distance away is a six-foot-wide clump which is blooming away without problem.



Have you tried replacing the compost in these troughs, especially if you used multi purpose, the nutrients will have leeched out within a few weeks, and they would need feeding regularly, or it could be that the compost has become compacted, or is not draining properly. Derek.

1 Jul, 2012


If they worked on a stone wall that should tell you that they are happy in reasonably dry conditions. Containers can get too wet especially this year.

2 Jul, 2012


Thanks for your comments. Might try digging them up to see what conditions are like underground ...

2 Jul, 2012

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