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How do you clear a garden of everything ?


By Jakie

United Kingdom Gb

Thanks for all your tips...looks like I will have to pay someone to clear it for me. The trouble is that I have a huge rear garden that I struggle with (so little time)the front garden doesnt get a look in !!!!



Jakie, you have to find the time (or money to pay for someones time) to manualy clear the old lawn an shrubs etc. Chemicals are not a suitable solution for you.

10 May, 2009


If you put some sort of weedkiller down it is not going to help you as both the grass roots and shrub roots will need to be dug up and the shrubs and turf will be the same effort to remove whether dead or alive.

If you are paving or gravelling then you will still need to prepare the ground and level it .

If you have any shrubs that are quite small still you could advertise them on Freecycle and anyone wanting one could dig them up themselves and that might at least get rid of some of it without you having to do it yourself or pay someone.

10 May, 2009


Cover it in loads of salt. That'll soon kill it.

It works by reverse osmosis and will suck all the moisture out of the roots.

Having said that, It would break my heart to kill shrubs. Can't you find anybody that would want them?

10 May, 2009

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