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Can anyone identify this plant please

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I have been told its a weed.




This is a Mole Plant (Euphobia) popping up a lot these days on Goy obviously blown in on the wind!!!

8 May, 2009


Ive always classed it as a weed as it dosn't do much more than this.

8 May, 2009


It is a Euphorbia possibly cyparissias (the Cyprus Spurge) - will seed around once it starts flowering and watch out for the latex in the sap which is a skin irritant

8 May, 2009


I don't think it's E. cyparissias, as I have that in my garden.

It is some sort of Euphorbia, though, and I think it's a weed. I'd get rid of it unless you are very fond of it!

8 May, 2009


Yes it is Euphorbia, no special flower just those little green non descript which shoot out seeds, I was given some years ago I was told they would keep moles from the garden, but I pull up all the young seedlings I dont want they are easy to pull up no runners or stubbon roots, but I leave one or two for leaf structure.

9 May, 2009

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