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Does cat faeces harm edible crops?


By H1o2u_3

Ayrshire, United Kingdom Gb

My cat keeps fouling my potato patch because of all the loose earth. Does this matter?




I would be very unhappy about this - I know that cats cover up their faeces. Others may disagree!

4 May, 2009


No, just give the potatoes a good wash! If your cat eats mice, like mine, then no, it'll probably even be better! Lol!

Btw, he looks like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth!

4 May, 2009


cats can carry a parasite called toxoplasma which can be transmitted to humans from cat faeces. this normally doesnt cause any major problems in humans but if contracted by a pregnant woman can be passed to the baby with severe consequences. if anyone is in that situation (although i cant imagine many pregnant ladies digging up the tatties!) they should always wear gloves and wash their hands after any contact with the soil. the potatoes themselves will be ok as long as they are washed thoroughly

4 May, 2009


Our siamese hooligans pee and crap in the veggie garden - not pleasant when you are working the ground but has no real effect on the veggies. All veggies need a quick wash when they are lifted as there will be soil, all sorts of bird/animal crap, bugs etc. on them

4 May, 2009

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