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Viola for Eczema - perennial?

Norfolk, United Kingdom Gb

Can I put this in the garden and hope that it'll flower for me next year? It is White Jump up, but as I've deadheaded it twice already, I don't know if I'll need to buy fresh Viola for next year's eczema cream.....




I should let some of it seed, and sow it cut back some of the growth so that you can take divisions or cuttings. and leaveve some to go through the year untouched.

1 May, 2009


Oh, I didn't think of taking cuttings, thanks! I will do each later today, thanks again!

2 May, 2009


Hi Craftnutter , i,ve only just spotted this ,i,m interested to know how do you make eczema cream from Violas Please .. Thanks .. :o)

2 May, 2009


Hi Amy! I have too many pots of the stuff!!! Send me your addy and I'll post one to you, with the recipe! (it works for my dd!)

2 May, 2009

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