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I moved a 8ft holly tree in November and it has suddenly started to drop its leaves in the top third. A lot of the leaves have turned brown. What can be done to save it?



Did you move it with a large root ball?

23 May, 2012



If it is a young tree it should be ok Holly does go into shock when they are moved one of the plants that will tell you its not happy, the plant is not daft it knows it hasnt enough roots to keep its leaves moist with water SO IT DROPS IT LEAVES .

Just keep well waterd over the summer it may be late summer or longer before it shows any signs of new growth later in the summer just rub your nail into the bark I bet it will be green I grow lots of holly this has happend with me a couple of times and the hard winter of 2010 and 2011 two of my halF standard looked dead but to my amazement are growing back at the time I was just lazy and didt take them out of the huge pots they are in I am so glad I just didnt do nothing now

So be patient


23 May, 2012


Thanks Gg, will persevere and hope it recovers next year.

I did move it with a pretty large root ball.

23 May, 2012

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