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I have planted in pots some Scarlet Emporer runner beans but each time I try to plant out they wither and die same as if in rost but although the day time temp is lower than normal I have not noticed any grownd frost. I am growing these for a friend who swears that she had no problems when she grew them some 30 years ago. Any advise



Hi Littlemaeve and welcome to GoY. You don't say where you are in the UK but many places have had frosts at night - even if the temperature doesn't actually drop below freezing there can still be an air frost. This is simply a very late season and runner beans are extremely vulnerable to the cold. I'd wait until the beginning of June to plant out.

18 May, 2012


hi littlemaeve if you have grown them under glass ie greenhouse did you put them outside for a few days and then put them inside at night this will get them aclimeatised ? if not that will be the problem if they are as you say no good now is the time to put new bean seed straight to the soil where you are growing them one or two beans per cane or string plants ?? will be showing after frost PS botched edit by snoopy sorry

18 May, 2012


Thank you for your help.......yes you are right, I can remember now what I used to do.....Oh I wish I could still garden. I have forgotten what real veg tastes like that is why a friend is doing this for me but she has never grown REAL runner beans. I am so looking forward to this summer as she has promised me real tomatoes as well .....................

18 May, 2012

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