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Barrel Cactus Problems

Conwy, United Kingdom Gb

I have just been given, what i have been told is a 50 year old Barrel Cactus which has all ways been indoors (possibly in the same pot by the state of it).
It is covered in pups, bent and just over a foot tall.
A few of the spines are a shade brown, the middle is kinda yellow and the base (which is surrounded in pups) looks to me like it's rotten?
I have taken a few photos and put them on photo bucket:

I hope somebody could help me out here and let me know if it is a barrel cacti!

On plant Echinocactus grusonii




You need Treesandthings for this, he knows cacti.

28 Apr, 2009


Don't think it's a barrell cactus............???

28 Apr, 2009


Hi, at some point he has got damaged by the look of it. Unlike other plants he wont grow out of the colouring it is there to stay.

We were given one with marks on. Its a bit like old age. There are so many cactus I wouldnt want to say it's not something only to find out that some one else says it is. Like other plants common names for cacti can be the same for a lot of different cacti.

a lot of cactus can start off round (look at the little ones on this) then grow straight after several years.

I will have a look at your other pics and see if I can identify it for you.

28 Apr, 2009


Hi again. It could be a Ball Cactus or Golden ball cactus. Real name Notocactus leninghausii.

They become columner with age, the ribs carry soft yellow spines.
Two parts peat based potting mixture to one part grit, and a sunny position, will ensure a healthy plant. Repot annually. If the plant gets too large or becomes corky, remove the branches and use for proagation. Water freely during summer, allowing it to dry out between waterings.

Should have a yellow flower.

Hope this helps.

28 Apr, 2009

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