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I have just planted a cordyline australis (green) how and when do I trim the leaves


By Jond

kent, United Kingdom Gb

the tree trunk is approx 22" in length and starting to form (ie bark? forming and losing hairiness on lower trunk. dead trimmed leaves on upper levels.) Top of tree looking very healthy. What do I need to do to maintain forming the trunk and what should I feed it on.



I have a Torbay cordyline which is simular, had it for about 17 years and is about 14feet high. was only about 12 inches when I bought it.
I remove the dying leaves at the bottom, this in effect creates the trunk.
I feed it by sprinkling blood/bone feed on the soil in spring,, and during the summer spray it with miracle grow.every 3 weeks.
Mine is in a large pot, ( actually a half large barrel).I have a picture on my home page.
Hope this helps.

27 Apr, 2009

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