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I have bought a prunus subhertilla (branches about 10ft at the moment) which could grow to 8mtrs x 8mtrs, which is too large. I wondered if it was possible to put it in a large pot to contain it as half that size would be perfect or will it get root bound and die and if so, how long before that happens. I have my heart set on this now but am worried if too near the back wall of the garden and the roots will bring the wall down eventually



Not a tree I would like to try growing in a container no matter how large, this is a specimen tree and needs space around it, also needs full sun. As you have bought it and seem to be determined to keep it the only solution is a container, it will become pot bound though you may be able to keep pruning the roots to control the size.

9 May, 2012


Thank you so much for this. Hmm. What to do? I will pot it anyway for the moment as it is in a small pot from the garden centre and then perhaps my friend can have it as they have an enormous garden surround her block of flats and she was really interested in convincing the other tenants to have one since the chestnut tree was removed.

Many thanks for your reply. Very grateful.


9 May, 2012


Sorry it wasn't more positive but in an area with enough space around it will look superb.

9 May, 2012


Thanks you for responding. The man who bought the property at the back of our place, multimillionnaire who buys up properties and rents them out just cut the trees down that had been there for years. It was like living in the country. We were all devastated. He actually chopped one down in that garden before he bought the place, sending the tree chopper over the wall to do it as he had bought the place next door and put an extra storey on it. We don't like him!!!!! I just wanted to make it look lovely again at the back but can't put it too close to the brick wall without containing it somehow. I have trees in my garden already and can't really plonk this one in the middle - I'd have to dodge it all the time. Looks like my friend Simone is going to get a nice tree doesn't it!!!! thank you for commenting. Very helpful.

10 May, 2012


At least you will still be able to go and look at it…

10 May, 2012

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