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Hi – I have 2 Naga chilli plants, grown from seeds and nurtured over the winter. They are now healthy 2 ft plants (still indoors!?). They are now producing flowers but after a few days they and their stems just drop off. What is wrong?



Not quite sure but I suspect they are too dry and are aborting.

Mist them daily with a hand mister this might help.

5 May, 2012


To Teegee

Thanks - I have noticed that the soil is dry - the plants are in biggish pots on "pot saucers" but when I water them the water just flows into the saucers. I'll sort it out - watch this space

Again many thanks


5 May, 2012


I was more concerned about dryness around the flowers rather than the roots, although dry roots won't help.

Being indoors you may find the humidity is a bit lower than what you might get in a greenhouse / Tunnel or outdoors even.

The reason I suggested the spraying is to dampen the flowers so that the pollen will stick in place until pollination takes place, rather than what I think is happening, and that is; the pollen is falling off / blowing away before pollination takes place.

This lack of pollination prevents fruit set so the bud/ flower aborts.

6 May, 2012


I would suggest trying them outdoors, they are quite tough.

You have picked a really HOT one to grow.. Handle with care. :)

7 May, 2012


You may also need to try acting like a bee--take a paintbrush or q-tip and touch the downturned faces of the flowers one after another, alternating between plants if possible. Many varieties of chilli aren't reliably self pollinating.

7 May, 2012


Thanks to TeeGee, Fractal Cat & Tugbrethil - all read and inwardly digested.

I think you are right about the humidity as the plants are only a couple of feet from a radiator so I’ve started to spray them - fingers crossed.

I have tried a fine paint brush and very gently, but, again, the stems & flowers fell off!

I am waiting until the Thur/Fri this week to put the plants outside, when, according to my forecasts, the temps should at last start to improve!

I love chillies and have been growing them since the 1980s but will admit not any of the really hot varieties – but can’t wait. 2010 was a brilliant year for chillies I still have 30+ in the freezer, last year was a waste of time.

Cheers all


7 May, 2012


If they fall off that eaily, it means that they are already too old, or damaged in some way. It sounds as if they have been allowed to wilt between soakings. I would allow the top 1/2 cm of compost to dry between soakings, but allowing them to wilt as an indicator of when to water often damages the flowers and buds.

7 May, 2012

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