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Hi Everyone...Now your advice please...we have a large compost heap that has not been touched really for about the last 6 years. But we needed to try and reduce it,my dear husband worked his socks off digging from the bottom to ensure that was the oldest stuff. We spread it on the garden as a mulch,this was done with some trepidation I have to say. You are ahead of me I know,what do we have weeds weeds weeds and more weeds. How can this be so after so long??? I will have to use a weed killer that is safe to go round shrubs and probably bark chippings as well. Is there anything we can do to prevent this happening again. Help!!!



Compost, unless you can get your compost heap or bin really hot (we can't), will always have weed seeds in it and should only be used for the veggie bed where you will be hoeing anyway certainly not as a mulch around ornamental plants.

2 May, 2012


If you keep turning your compost it'll add air which gets everything going and heats up the heap so in theory the weed seeds should die. I wouldn't use weed killer just keep hoeing whenever its sunny and eventually the weeds 'll give up. Oh and try not to put in perenial weed roots like dandelion and dock they seem to be indestructible.

2 May, 2012

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