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Last year I very successfuly grew Aquadulce Claudia broad beans planted on freshly dug ground that had been lawn with well-rotted manure on 1st November. This year I did the same on an adjacent patch of lawn with Aquadulce beans from another seed merchant. This time the first growths became distorted and twisted soon after emerging and multiple stems have grown from each planted bean. The resultant stems are consequenly very close togther and, although there have been plenty of growth, and flowers since February, there is no sign of pod formation (1st May). Is this a weather problem, because seed was from another source, or perhaps even soil contamination? The manure was from horses but from a different farm.

Elvin Thurston



Two questions;

What was the nature of the bedding mixed with the dung?

Was it straw,shavings or some other material?

How well rotted was it?

If it was straw then you might have inadvertently added weed killer to your bed!

Farmers are using a broad leaf weed killer these days which kills the weeds OK,and animals can eat the treated straw without any ill effect.

But! And it is a big but!

The weed killer remains in the dung and straw!!

The symptoms are similar to what you describe, I await your reply!

1 May, 2012


I thought it sounded like weedkiller damage too and was wondering if you had treated the lawn with one some time before you dug it over?

1 May, 2012

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