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By Cazoo1

Worcestershire, United Kingdom Gb

Hello again,I thought I would let Steragram see that I took the kind advice and gave the sad Cactus and Succulants a lot of TLC. I split them up and repotted and staked them. I have let them dry out and settle down.Now they are enjoying a bit of sunshine during the day and back into the shed at night. I hope they make it they deserved a chance.




They all look much better and happier!

24 Apr, 2012


Look great to me!

24 Apr, 2012


How thoughtful of you to give us an update! They certainly look very much better. I imagine the reason why the tallest one is thinner at the bottom than the top may be that it has been better nourished in recent years than when it was very young. Keep a watch on the string you have used to stake it, that it doesn't get too tight and damage the spines. Best of luck with them. And if they are outside all day protect them from the rain - watering once every two weeks is more than enough at this time of year. They need to be dry more than damp! Make sure the ones in the tray are not left with the pots standing in water unless that is how you water them - in which case they need draining again after 10 mins or so.

24 Apr, 2012


Yes I will watch the string...hopefully it is only temporary until it can support itself. As for the tray...makes life a bit easier to carry them all outside. The grand plan is this..I have some Malvern granite rocks somewhere in the garden,and I hope to make a "Prairie"on a gravel path and display them there. I can hear my husband groaning already......hey ho. Watch this space as they say. But thanks again for all the usful advice its has been good to talk.

25 Apr, 2012

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