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By Suei

east yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

I'm fairly new to gardening. bought some nice plants last weekend, senetti blue bicolour, nowhere on the label does it say if they are annuals, bi, pereniells. how do i know? plant it and see??



That's really bad labelling, Suei, and a bit of a cop-out on the growers' part. I am fairly sure these are indoor plants that can be grown outside in the summer months, but they aren't hardy, and a lot of people treat them as annuals.

22 Apr, 2012


I agree. It seems they can be propagated from cuttings for the next year's plants.

22 Apr, 2012


There's been another question on this plant recently. These are frost tender, so you shouldn't plant out till mid or end of May, depending on the weather, when risk of frost is past. Keep under cover till then. When it stops flowering, cut it back by at least half, and it should produce further flowers a few weeks later.

22 Apr, 2012


Hi, I bought the violet bicolour and the deep blue a couple of weekends ago, the advice I got from from the nursery and is printed on the label is that they will tolerate temperatures down to freezing and it is safe to plant them outside from late March onwards providing the plant has been grown cool. Mine have been the garden for two weeks and are doing fine. The label also states the Sinetti is a spring flowering patio plant and after flowering the first time to cut back the top of the plant to the foliage (approx 10cm) after flowering and reflowering will occur in 3-4 weeks. Strictly speaking they are annuals . Hope this helps, Sue.

22 Apr, 2012

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