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cuttings how often do you water them and do you keep them in the shade?



You haven't said what plants they're from, nor what kind of cuttings or when you took them, but if they're recent cuttings of hardy plants (though seems way to early to be that), usual procedure is in a cold frame out of sun.

12 Apr, 2012


I have quite a few marguerite, cineraria maritima and pelargonium cuttings in my little, mostly shaded, closed, unheated greenhouse. I just keep the soil/compost barely moist, and they seem to be doing pretty well after about 3 weeks. Dahlia cuttings will be joining them in the same environment in a couple of weeks. I have to stress that I am no expert, but this approach worked last year, and I'm hoping to have the same level of success again this year.

12 Apr, 2012

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