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I have a pot grown Blueberry bush which is now 3 years old and doing well with plenty of new growth and flower buds but it has a new branch growing from the root about 4 inches from the main plant with plenty of leaf growth but no flower buds. Is this normal or should I pull it up and throw it away?



you should rip it off downwards i do believe but i could be wrong . id wate till someone who knows best to tell you .

2 Apr, 2012


No, not necessarily - blueberries do throw out suckers a few inches away from the main roots/topgrowth. These usually grow vertically fairly straight, but because they're not grafted plants, these suckers are just the plant's way of reproducing itself. If you want more plants, leave it in situ for 2 years - then sever from the parent plant and pot up separately.

2 Apr, 2012


<p>To Noseypotter & Bamboo,Many thanks for your response & I will take the advise of Bamboo and leave it for 2 years then sever from parent plant.

2 Apr, 2012


your more than welcome . i thaught as bamboo probably knows its a grafted plant or something like twisted hazle . glad you got your answer you can nearly always rely on bamboo . i always point people in her direction if im not sure .

3 Apr, 2012


Blimey, I'll have to watch my halo don't slip down and strangle me, Noseypotter;-))

3 Apr, 2012


lol xx credit wear its due bamboo lol x .

4 Apr, 2012

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