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Planting Snowdrops

Devon, United Kingdom Gb

Can snowdrops be planted into a lawn?




18 Apr, 2009


Yes they can, but....
Snowdrops retain their leaves for a long time and it is not good to mow them off. Our snowdrops still have a healthy growth of leaves, necessary for returning energy to the bulb, and neighbours have been mowing the lawns for several weeks now.
If you want snowdrops in the lawn I would suggest growing them in clumps and not mowing them until the leaves have died back. I think someone said that June 10th was THE day for narcissus and similar would apply for Galanthus.

18 Apr, 2009


Following on from BB, it is not fair to cut the green parts off any bulbs or corms etc. It must also be remembered if you are mowing regularly over bulb areas you must stop mowing there in early September as the bulbs have already started to grow through.

18 Apr, 2009


Thanks Doctorbob and Bulbaholic. I'm puting some snowdrops in for my disabled mate and I think it's probably best, after what you've said, to dig out a little bed for her. She lives in a council place and relies on their workers to cut the grass. They won't know to stop mowing in September and they might mow away regardless of bulb leaves in spring too. So I'll get my spade out and get cracking!

19 Apr, 2009


Yes, that is the best idea. I have mine in select areas where they won't get damaged by machines. In Sussex last year council workers cut off wild orchids in bloom on roadside verges, probably killing them off altogether.

19 Apr, 2009

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