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looseing hope trying to get this frogs spawn. i live in liverpool area seen loads of frogs at the cannal two weeks ago doing what frogs do. been back today less frogs and still cant find spawn for my grandaughters pond i put in the garden for her. tried going on line to buy some but all selling pet frogs any idea were i can get some.



May be a bit early yet. Certainly we have none here as of yet.

22 Mar, 2012


its actualy a bit late they come out early especialy with such a mild winter .

22 Mar, 2012


I expect the frogspawn is still there but it might have sunk a bit. You might find some tadpoles soon which you could transfer to the pond.
I have tadpoles already here in Sussex and there is still some frogspawn waiting to hatch. I'm sure there will be someone local to you who would let you have a jamjar of spawn or tads!

22 Mar, 2012


One of the teachers at your granddaughter's school may know, as schools sometimes have spawn in a tank so the children can watch the development.

22 Mar, 2012


It may be early where some people are, but not here. The frogs are still in the process of making their way to the water to judge by the number of bodies on the road.

22 Mar, 2012

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