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i want to buy a plant to go on the mountain as a memorial to a friend who lost his life there. not sure what plant to get as really dont want it eaten by sheep anyone got any ideas?

On plant Mahonia



Hi Glenio. what a sad quest for you to perform, what about taking a packet of wild flower seeds to sprinkle on the mountain side, I'm not sure about the pro's and con's of taking plants into another country, you will need to check that out.

22 Mar, 2012


Hi Glenio and welcome to GoY, whilst I can appreciate your wish to commemorate your friend please only consider planting a native species and then get advice as to whether it is appropriate... Sadly a lot of the Scottish mountains are littered with various shrines, memorials and the like to dead friends. A growing plant is obviously a better choice so long as it fits into the landscape. So if we know where the mountain is we can, hopefully, give you some help.

22 Mar, 2012

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