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I have started using a compost bin. when i open it up there are hundreds of garden slaters crawling everywhere. is this normal

thanks to all who answered my question.Compost is looking good, except for all the beasties, yuk



yes it is. slaters or woodlice feed on dead material. they are one of the first critters to move it. you will also find you get lots of small fies, then worms. Remember to add a mixture of materials, not too much grass in one go. I regularly give mine a mixing using the garden fork. I also add paper and thin cardboard to help keep it arerated.

Wecome to GoY and well done on getting a compost bin started. They cause alsorts of concern but in the end most of the material you get out is a good soil improver.

by the way dont put the roots of dandelions or any other perennial weed roots in they will just grow and avoid seed heads too. unless you get the temp really high the seeds dont die.

15 Mar, 2012


thanks Seaburngirl, will probably be picking your brain again soon. Am really going to try making a difference in the garden this year as i have more time.

15 Mar, 2012


I'll bet that you grow to love your compost bin! Mine takes over a year to fill but it's mainly veg scraps and only green plant material from the garden, as well as toilet roll tubes and the tea emptied from tea bags. Apparently, worms don't like the onion family or a lot of citrus, so they don't go in. It still seems wondrous to me the way waste turns into lovely sweet compost.
I was a novice when i joined this site - and still am - but one finds so many tips just by reading the questions and answers. Happy Composting. And welcome to GOY.

16 Mar, 2012


I cant say I have noticed the onions being ignored by the worms. I still put citrus in but spread it about. the slugs love it. I also put in crushed egg shells and the straw/hay/sawdust bedding & waste from the pet rabbits.

Like you MBD i ove my 7 compostbins. I have one for wood shreddings after pruning and 2 for leaf litter. The leaf mould is well worth it. The bins are hidden behind the garage thankfully.

In the drier weather I also chuck a bucket or 2 of water on it. they need to be kept moist.

16 Mar, 2012

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