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The leaves on my Camelia are curling up and faling off, I can't see anything on them and they are regrowing. They are in tubs with ericacious compost and feed. Can you tell me what the problem may be please?



Camellias and rhododenrons are among many plants which NEED acidic soil to release essential nutrients to the plant otherwise they will behave as if they are starved of these - which is exactly the case.

Unfortunately, you are one of many, many gardeners who see the photographs of healthy acid-loving plants on the bags of ericaceous compost (and probably watch the tv gardening progs advocating its use for such plants) and not unreasonably reach the wrong conclusion . . . . . .

Whereas the reality of ericaceous compost simply means it is "WITHOUT LIME".

Which also means you can have a lime-free compost that is NOT ACIDIC. Check the actual acidity of your ericaceous compost to confirm.

13 Apr, 2009


I understand the answer from Muddywellies but what's the best way to make the compost more acidic?

13 Apr, 2009


some composts are truly ericaceous ie acidic, very peaty and i have used them for years with no problems. as they are in tubs i think it is more likely to be a watering issue. especially as you say there is new growth happening. I give mine a feed of sequestrene 2-3 times a year. now mid summer and mid autumn.

13 Apr, 2009

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