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How to save a Rhubarb crown


By Polyann

Dorset, United Kingdom Gb

I have 4 Rhubarb crowns on the allotment since producing growth this spring one of the crowns has flowers heads on it, have dug out 3 heads already now there are another 2
would it be best if I dug out the complete crown or can any one advice



Um, why do you want to dig out the crown, sorry to be thick, I'm probably missing something here. But rhubarb does not like to be moved. Is it that you are trying to make more plants from the original? Or is it that you need to dig in some good compost to help it grow? If you want to eat the plant, you will need to take the flower off. I don't understand how you have managed to get it to flower so early, or have you "forced" it? Sorry to not be much help!

30 Mar, 2009


just cut the flower off, it wont harm the plant. even if you let it flower it will still come good. I let some of mine flower for the novelty value. the local farmer has rows of it and they often flower mid june onwards, so dont dig them out.

30 Mar, 2009

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