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Do rabbits and deer like to eat Corylopsis pauciflora?

British Columbia, Canada Ca

We seem to have to fence everything because of the pests that eat it. I attempt to purchase things that they will not eat. however, I won a beautiful Corylopsis pauciflora, and will only fence it if needed. Thanks

On plant Corylopsis pauciflora



cant you get a dog and a dog flap to keep them of all your plants.i think deer will try anything

27 Mar, 2009


perhaps go round and look at peoples gardens and see what they do and what plants they do well with

27 Mar, 2009


Deer in particular will eat just about anything down to the ground BUT they do not like walking through branches on the floor so... take some sturdy tree branches and lay around the shrub. Lay them thickly enough that the deer can't put their feet through them to walk on the ground. The only alternative is to fence your complete plot with deer fencing... not pretty but it does keep them out. As for the rabbits - get a cat :-)

27 Mar, 2009


I had plants in pots, in position, waiting to go in the ground. nothing ate them. Planted them and the deer ate my 2 favourite. 3 weeks later they came back for my next 2 favourite. I fenced off the remains but this week they came back for another go. I'm off to get a shot gun and a new freezer:-(

27 Mar, 2009


sounds like a plan alif as for the cat there not that good.ive sean rabbits chase cats but they wont chase a dog lol

28 Mar, 2009

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