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Aquilegia 'Nora Barlow'. I have grown about 30 of these plants from seed collected from the original plant in my garden. They are outdoors in a plastic grow-house, this is opened daily for ventilation.Today I notice some of them have a grey 'film' on their leaves. If this is grey mould, how do I prevent it ruining the plants please?




I'd move them outside, they're hardy so i'd plant them out now and this will give them more air circulating around them.
They're as tough as old boots so the winter's not going to kill them.
I have Nora Barlow here, along with several other Barlows - i love aquilegias :-))

3 Nov, 2011


Thankyou, Louise ... I am growing them for the local school fete and wanted to keep them in pots ... do you think they will survive through Autumn/Winter if I leave them out under the protection of a covered pergola?

3 Nov, 2011


I would not even cover them, Shirley, they should be alright. If you feel happier about it then put them under the cover but it is only needed to keep excess rain off. I don't think anyone would give you a guarantee that they WILL survive but I am sure that you are doing your best.

3 Nov, 2011


Thanks, Mr.B. ... the forecast is for a pretty wet week ahead down here ... I shall be moving them in and out of rain ... :o)))

3 Nov, 2011

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