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Our Sorbus tree planted in 2000 although still 'alive' has never really thrived and we wonder if there is anything we can do to encourage it into health?. Do we need to try to stimulate root growth and, if so, how and when do we do this?



Where are you in the UK, and what position is the tree planted in? In good soil, in an open, windy exposed position, for instance, or tucked into a shady, dry corner?

17 Oct, 2011


And which particular Sorbus do you have?

17 Oct, 2011


Many thanks for your responses.

We live in Falmouth, Cornwall.

Unfortunately, I cannot recall the variety of our Sorbus. I can tell you that it has white berries. At a previous address we had another Sorbus (variety Joseph Rock) which was successful and thrived.

23 Oct, 2011


Possibly Sorbus cashmiriana, that has white berries. But I'd still like an answer to the rest of my question above re the planting environment.

23 Oct, 2011


If they are very large white berries likely, as Bamboo says to be cashmiriana. We do need the answer to the rest of Bamboo's question though.

23 Oct, 2011


Thank you.

Although planted in a corner (wall to one side and open fence the other) the roots are in shade but the soil there is mostly damp.

Hope this helps.

24 Oct, 2011


Could it be planted too close to the wall? Is the fencing such that wind whistles through it? Which way does the tree face? Finally is your soil neutral to acidic Japanese acers do not like an alkaline soil.

24 Oct, 2011


Thank you. Would just mention that it is a Sorbus not Japanese acer, although, coincidentally, we also have two of them, both currently showing good Autumn colour.

26 Oct, 2011


Oops sorry about that your Sorbus cashmiriana needs space to grow as it can get to 12 metres in height... Damp or not the soil near a wall is likely to be impoverished so lightly fork in some good organic matter taking care not to disturb the roots also make sure you do not raise the soil level around the trunk.

26 Oct, 2011


Is the area where its planted somewhere that has a good depth of soil, and how close to the wall is it? I know that in your part of the world, often there's bedrock not far beneath the soil.
The other thing is whether the tree itself is sick, or showing signs of disease - anything on that front? Actually, a photo would be an enormous help...

27 Oct, 2011

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