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By Funguy

Berkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Plant I.D please.

And if possible can you advise if you think the plant is overgrown for its place? It is large about 10 ft tall and has not been pruned in years.

Dsc01882 Dsc01881



I think this is a very large Viburnum, probably V. tinus. Whether it seems to large for its space is for you to decide, rather depends on the landscape around it. If you want to reduce it (and you don't have to) Viburnums are pretty forgiving - midwinter is the time to tackle it, when you can take out a lot of the old wood down to the ground, and cut everything else back to a more reasonable size and shape - if you want to.

2 Oct, 2011


The garden is mature and overgrown, so to the back is large tree size laurel and other overgrown mess.
It is hiding a lot of what is behind but as i plan on getting the garden under control i will give it a prune in the winter.
Thanks bamboo and a good weekend to you, hope you enjoy the weather.... i have a stinking cold unfortunately....perfect timing! :))

2 Oct, 2011


I like the look of it, Funguy, but actually, its way too hot for me - anything over 24 deg C and I'm inside with the curtains drawn, shame really. But its 29 deg out there at the moment...

2 Oct, 2011


Send the heat up our way it 'might' be 13˚C outside!

2 Oct, 2011


We've only got this till Tuesday, apparently - then it falls like a stone, apparently, coming from your direction, MG!

2 Oct, 2011


Well it would I suppose.

2 Oct, 2011


As this flowers right through the winter, I'd leave it until April and then prune it. That way, you get the benefit of the flowers

2 Oct, 2011

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