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I have just had my front garden decimated by a digger losing a large area of grass and shrubbery. The plants (vibernums, sambucus, crambe cordifolia, sedum, agapanthus, sage, echinops, roses, lilacs and much more)
was all flattened and buried. Is any of it likely to recover? what should I do with the now very sandy area?
If I leave it I suspect it will be invaded by nettles etc. I don't have any money to buy things. Any suggestions welcome : ) ps. in highland scotland



sorry to hear that Bonnieeve was it a run away digger or was it some one doing work for you ?

16 Sep, 2011


Hi Bonnieeve yes if you leave it something like nettles will take over. This doesn't sound like planned work to me, I assume if it had been you would have at least moved your plants and shrubs so I'd be looking for compensation from the digger company. Unfortunately very few plants will survive the weight of a digger, you can try digging where they were to see if anything is recoverable - good luck!

16 Sep, 2011


I would forage like MG, See what you can save. You obviously love your garden..........What happened ?

16 Sep, 2011

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