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Hi! I have enjoyed a flower this year which I have not seen before. My question is it an annual or will it come back again next year? and if so do I leave it in situ, or do something with it?
It is called Osteospermum Serenity, Lavender Bliss(P)
It's "Features" are listed as Compact, upright with abundance of deep lavender, daisy-like flowers with spoon-shaped petals and cotrasting dark eye over dark green foliage.
Thank you for any advice offered.



It's classed as a tender perennial. You'd have to keep it frost free, or else take cuttings off it for next year.

4 Sep, 2011


Osteospermum cuttings root very easily. I took some earlier from a yellow one, and several purple ones, and now have some sturdy little plants growing for next year. The bush type are more tender than the trailing, and as Spritz says, they need to be kept frost free over winter. I got a white one as well this year, and an orange one, which seems to be the least hardy of them all, but it spreads nicely, and I've also got rooted cuttings of those, too. Just cut off the top 2 or 3 inches of a non-flowering stem, take off the lower leaves, dip the lower stems in rooting powder, and then set them round the edge of a pot filled with gritty compost and water them. keep them in the greenhouse or a cold frame, but don't leave them out in the cold weather. Good luck, Annie

4 Sep, 2011

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