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fleabane going to come back to life?

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does anyone know if my fleabane is going to to come back to life this spring? If not what did I do wrong?

On plant Erigeron karvinskianus



Only time will tell, as most plants aren't showing themselves yet.

If it died it was probably due to poor drainage as it seems to be pretty hardy.

22 Feb, 2009


Is it a cloud of dead stems? I have been pulling and cutting them off this week, as I have a LOT of this lovely plant. Underneath, there are new little plants growing. They do seed themselves, so you may well find seedlings elsewhere near the plant. It is hardy, so I don't think you need to worry - is it an established plant?

22 Feb, 2009


its not established at all, new last summer. Its in a window box and looked to be loving it. Im gonna wait and see.


22 Feb, 2009


I would definitely wait and see but the root run in a window box is quite small and it may have succumbed to the frosts. I have lost one in a tub but the ones in the soil are as sprizthenry's.

22 Feb, 2009


You can see photos of mine at the bottom of this page! numbers 2, 5 & 6 are all Erigeron k.

22 Feb, 2009

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