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Hi I have a Kaffir Lily. Had it for several years and it blooms twice a year with at least 15 blooms at a time. Once the buds have flowered after 1-2 days they just drop off. This happens every time and is such a shame as they are so lovely. Can you tell my why and what I can do to stop this?
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hi got this off the internet hope it helps.

Growing tips

Schizostylis need moisture-retentive soil to perform well and they have loved the last three wet British summers. They also need a sunny position so they can sparkle until the frosts arrive.

They do survive in dry gardens, but they look miserable and flower poorly, if at all. It is possible to improve flowering by mulching them with a thick layer of gravel in spring after heavy rain. This will preserve moisture and allow them to flower. The gravel also filters winter rainfall.

Those on heavy clay will struggle and almost certainly lose plants in wet winters unless they add lots of grit and put them in a sheltered position against a wall.

15 Jun, 2011


Or it could be Clivia miniata.
Two things spring to mind;
1- overwatering. It likes to dry out fairly well between waterings.
2 - they don't like being turned/moved when flowering. If you're ever buying one, never buy one in bloom!

15 Jun, 2011

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