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By Chrissi

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could you tell me why the leaves on my geraniums have gone an orangey red colour



Cold temperatures, sometimes getting too dry, but more likely the low temperatures we were having up till Wednesday.

4 Jun, 2011


Are we talking about proper perennial geraniums here ?
If so some of my geraniums get orangey coloured leaves and it's normal as they age.
G macrorrhizum in particular i'm thinking about now.

4 Jun, 2011


Ah, you know, it never crossed my mind, I assumed pelargonium geraniums because one or two of mine have developed orangy red leaves too...

4 Jun, 2011


Ah !!!
We'll have to wait and see what Chrissi comes back with !!!

4 Jun, 2011


Snap! A lot of my pelargonium geraniums have developed orangey-red leaves this week too...I am presuming that I just remove I've always done? There is a biting cold wind today, Bamboo!

5 Jun, 2011


May was not a great month - my bedding went out by mid May, Geraniums being pretty hardy really, but the cool, windy conditions were not ideal for summer bedding. I nipped off the affected leaves, Izzy.

5 Jun, 2011

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