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Help please Hi We have got a blossom tree in our garden


By Shirl55

United Kingdom Gb

Hi We have got a blossom tree in our garden. And it is very slow this year comming. But now we have noticed there is a lot of little shoots coming up all over the garden everywere.
Can you please help and tell me what is best to do. Has they are getting close to the house and I dont want them to take over.
Many thanks Shirl55
yes it is cherry so do I need to just cut them when I mow the lawn ect. Thanks for quick answer.



is this blossom tree a cherry, if so the roots can travel a good distance under ground, the shoots sound like suckers and you can remove them anytime, my cherry was 30 foot from house and still had suckers up to the wall, but didn't cause any structural damage to the property..

27 May, 2011

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