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By Tojo

East Sussex, United Kingdom Gb

Suggestions please on how to "kill" off ground ivy from fences.



I found 'Roundup' worked for me but care must be taken not to spray through fences and kill other plants

22 Apr, 2011


i put 'round up' on my ivy a few days ago...spray on the leaves for absorption... but yes, must be careful with roundup!

22 Apr, 2011


Hi there,

I've spent most of last week pulling up ivy from flower beds, and using shears on the ivy on the fence, I don't want to get rid of it completely as it covers the nasty fence panels. I thought about using roundup, but seeing as I would still have to pull the blooming stuff up, I just did it with out using spray.

Happy gardening.

23 Apr, 2011


Ground ivy can be a real pain when it gets into climbing mode, The best advice I can give, is yes spray the base of it with round up, but what I have always done is to cut the lower bits at the fence base, removing a good 1" section of the stem, if you just cut it and leave it can heal itself.
Leave it for a few weeks, then pull the ivy off the fence, it will come away much easier and do less damage if it has woven itself through some of the panels.

23 Apr, 2011


Many thanks to all who have advised me, just bought a LARGE container of "Round up ".

23 Apr, 2011

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